The 2011 Dodge Charger will be arriving at Dodge Dealers in the fourth quarter of 2010, which can mean anytime in the next couple months. The Charger has been given a new powerplant, a new look in the rear, and a slight face lift in the form of Dodge‘s new crosshair grille, raked headlights, and a lower hood line, resulting in better aerodynamics.

The new Charger takes a lot of its styling from the Second Gen Chargers of the late 60’s, immediately familiar as the body style of the General Lee. This is evidenced in the dual “scallops” on the hood. The rear end takes its styling cues from both the classic Chargers, and the Challengers of then and now.  The rear tail light features 164 LED’s which make the car unmistakable, even from far away.

The Charger will also be getting the 292 HP Pentastar V6 in replacement of the High Output 3.5L of years prior. The HEMI will still be available in the R/T model. For more information visit the guys at AllPar.

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