The message rings out loud and clear. “CHRYSLER IS BACK!” You can hear its cry at auto shows,  on TV, and all over the internet. Chrysler has completely rebuilt it’s brand image in the matter of a little over a year, and so far they’ve been successful. Sales have been up at Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealerships across the country.

Joann Muller of Forbes Magazine had this to say about Chrysler on her blog:

“Everyone was buzzing about Chrysler’s turnaround. I bumped into Mike Jackson, chief executive of the country’s largest publicly traded dealer network, AutoNation, who never minces words about what’s wrong with the companies that make the vehicles he sells. “It’s the most remarkable transformation of an existing production run I’ve ever seen in the history of this business,” he marveled. “They’ve gone from Third World quality to world class in 18 months.”

Don’t believe the hype? Do some googling yourself and see what people are saying. Or head over to your local Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealers and check out the vehicles for yourself!

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