“This is the Motor City, and THIS is what we do.”

Those are the only words spoken by Eminem in the whole commercial, but when he says them, they sure do make an impact.

2011 Chrysler 200

2011 Chrysler 200

The commercial evokes emotions of a Detroit that is struggling to get back on its feet, after it has felt the harsh effects the recession has had on a city that employs many through its automotive assembly plants. As the automotive industry improves, so does Detroit. Chrysler hasn’t given up in the face of adversity, and neither will Detroit.

It is a powerful statement that is in the same vein as the all new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee‘s “Things That Make Us” commercials. It focuses on the American worker, who is the backbone of the automotive industry, who has felt the recession hit hardest at home.

2011 Chrysler 200

2011 Chrysler 200

Either way, people are taking notice of changes being made all throughout Chrysler, from the design of their vehicles, to the way they market them. Chrysler released the details of their new marketing and advertising campaign on their site yesterday. Here’s a small excerpt:

While many sponsors revealed their advertising plans for Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Chrysler brand remained tight lipped to create a stronger impact for the reveal of their new marketing and advertising campaign featuring famous Detroiter, Eminem. The brand’s new spot, “Born of Fire,” features the all-new 2011 Chrysler 200 and reveals the brand’s new tagline, “Imported from Detroit.”

“Super Bowl advertising is about making a statement and capturing the attention of the audience,” said Olivier Francois, President and CEO, Chrysler Brand and Lead Executive for Marketing, Chrysler Group LLC.”‘Born of Fire’ is designed to generate conversation about the brand and the new 2011 Chrysler 200. The spot reflects where the brand is headed and pays tribute to our industrial roots.”

The two-minute spot, a Super Bowl first, reveals the new tagline for the brand, “Imported from Detroit.” The entire commercial was shot in the city of Detroit using a local cast and crew members.

“The new tagline was created to convey the message that one does not have to cross an ocean to obtain luxury, it’s available right here,” Francois said.

The Chrysler brand chose internationally known Detroiter, Eminem and his song “Lose Yourself” because the lyrics tell us we all have the ability to do anything we set our mind to and that failure is not an option.

Chrysler has come out swinging in 2011, with no signs of slowing soon! Thanks for checking out Chrysler Catchall! To see more pictures of the 2011 Chrysler 200, click on any of the photos or visit your Local Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer.