Automotive Dealer Marketing Heavyweight TK Carsites brings us this incredibly large and informative infographic on the death and rebirth of the automotive industry in the last several years. It shows the effects that a recession and high gas prices have had on the habits of the automotive buying public, felt both in the new and pre-owned segments.

As you’ll see below, Chrysler had the second largest increase for new car sales for 2009-2010.  They also saw an increase in US vehicle sales in 2010 for the first time since 2005. Many believe that the automotive industry has taken their hits and have viewed these setbacks as an opportunity for growth, and have since embraced new territory previously uncharted in the industry.  The advance of Social Marketing, with a big push from companies like TK Carsites,  have helped propel automakers and dealers into the until now unknown reaches of Dealership Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and WordPress Blogs (Such as Chrysler Catchall.)

The automotive industry is (finally) doing what we as consumers have always hoped they would do, LISTEN TO US! The automakers and dealerships are communicating with customers on Twitter,  actually engaging them and answering questions, as well as taking both positive and negative feedback. The lines of communication are now open and the industry is listening! For example, Jeep’s Facebook page reached a million “Likes” early this year. That’s a million people who get updates from Jeep in their personal feed, right there next to their drinkin’ buddy Jimmy and their cousin Bill. If that doesn’t stand up and make you listen, I don’t what will!

The Automotive Industry is on it’s way back, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing! Thanks again for checking out Chrysler Catchall!

Click the infographic below to see it full size!

The Death and Rebirth of the Automotive Industry

The Death and Rebirth of the Automotive Industry