Today we bring you another edition of the Brandl Media Minute. This week we’re working with a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country Touring Edition.  Follow along with yours truly as I show you the cool features integrated in the Power Sliding Doors and Liftgate. You can control the motion of the doors via the key fob, by buttons in the interior, and by lightly pulling on the handles from the outside.

The Power Sliding Doors and Liftgate offer a great convenience and doesn’t leave you trying to juggle your groceries or other load trying to reach out and open the door . You can find the Power Sliding Doors and Liftgate on most trim levels of Chrysler Town and Country‘s and Dodge Grand Caravan‘s.

Stay tuned as we will be doing more Brandl Media Minute Videos, explaining more of the great things these vehicles can do! If you have any questions about how to operate any of the features on your Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Vehicle, or have suggestions on other topics we should cover, send me an email at

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