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Ray Durham- Black Engineer of the Year Award Recipient

Ray Durham- Black Engineer of the Year Award Recipient

  • Chrysler Group SUV Vehicle Line Executive honored during 26th annual event
  • Award recognizes “exceptional career gains in government and industry, and in lifetime achievement”
  • Chrysler Group continues its nearly two-decades-long support of the BEYA Global Competitiveness Conference
  • Four other Chrysler Group engineers received “Modern Day Technology Leader” awards at the conference

Ashley Fournier-August 2, 2011 3:53 PM – How can you improve quality while also cutting costs? One of the ways Chrysler Group is working on that is by launching a pilot program to install World Class Manufacturing principles at plants run by our parts suppliers.

Ashley Fourier caught up with Dan Knott, Senior Vice President Purchasing and Supplier Quality, just before he told auto industry insiders about it at the annual Management Briefing Seminars in Traverse City, MI.

Information has been buzzing that a new 8-speed automatic transmission is in the works for Chrysler Group LLC and it is time to get the low down on how this new addition could affect needs from suppliers, availability of parts, and the ability to comply with the new fuel economy rules recently adopted.

We spoke with Dan Knott, Senior Vice President, Purchasing and Supplier Quality, Chrysler Group LLC to find out his thoughts on the subject matter. When we asked Mr. Knott “What will be the challenges for suppliers to provide the parts and components to comply with the new fuel economy rules and produce the 8 speed automatic transmission?”, here’s what he had to say…

Also, check out the videos below where he talks about Commodities Pricing and Diversity. Thanks again for checking out Chrysler Catchall!

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