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Ram Truck / Mopar® sponsored TORC Series Truck

Ram Truck / Mopar® sponsored TORC Series Truck

  • Rob MacCachren takes aims at second TORC PRO 2 title
  • Andrew Caddell within striking distance in PRO Light in search of second straight trophy
  • Ricky Johnson going for back-to-back championships in PRO 4
  • Bryce Menzies just four points back in PRO 2

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TORC racing at Red Bud

TORC racing at Red Bud

October 19, 2011 4:36 PM- Ricky Johnson helped lead the way for Mopar® and Ram in the Traxxas TORC (The Off-Road Championship) Series that finished Oct. 16, 2011, at Cycle Ranch MX in Floresville, Texas.

Johnson captured the title in PRO 4 in his Red Bull Mopar Ram, after starting in the sixth position. He quickly moved up to fourth and battled rival Johnny Greaves for third. The pair had a great duel for the lead on the seventh lap, with Johnson taking the top spot.

The multi-time AMA champion was out front on the eighth lap when the mandatory competition caution flew. He led on the restart and began to pull away as the laps wound down. Johnson would pace the remainder of the distance to record his sixth win of the season and wrap up the PRO 4 title.

“It was an amazing weekend and season for that matter,” said Johnson. “We fought our way back. We had some DNFs (did not finish) and shortcomings earlier this year and everyone kept pushing me and stuck behind me.”

TORC racing at Red Bud

TORC racing at Red Bud

“With Bryce Menzies, my teammate, winning the title in PRO 2 (Oct. 15), I didn’t want to let anyone down today. It’s great to win a title for Red Bull, Ram, Mopar and everyone that helps us out. The best off-road racers in the world compete in the TORC Series, so it means a lot to win this championship.” (See more from Johnson in the video below.)

In addition to Johnson’s PRO 4 championship, Menzies captured the PRO 2 title, and Andrew Caddell brought home the PRO Light title.

In the race among the truck makers, Ram Truck won the Manufacturer’s Championship in the PRO 2 and PRO Light categories, and finshed second in the PRO 4 category.

“Mopar and Ram simply dominated the inaugural TORC season, with 27 wins and all three championships during our 2011 campaign,” said Mopar President/CEO Pietro Gorlier.

“We more than doubled the amount of wins recorded by the next-closest manufacturer. Congratulations to Ricky Johnson, Bryce Menzies and Andrew Caddell on bringing home championships for Mopar and Ram.”

Check out the video below. As always, click on any of the images in the post to see more photos of Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Vehicles. Thanks again for checking out Chrysler Catchall!

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