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Today we bring you another edition of the Brandl Media Minute. Follow along with yours truly as I break down some of the settings that you can change in the EVIC of your 2010 and newer Ram pickup, including how to make your key fob unlock all four doors on the first press, as well as how to make it so your Ram truck doesn’t honk when you press the lock button.

Today we’re working with a 2012 Ram 1500 Laramie with a 5.7L HEMI and two tone paint. In the video we only go through how to specifically operate a few of the features, but if you hop in there and play around after watching this video you should have no problems!

Stay tuned because we will be doing more Brandl Media Minute Videos explaining more of the great things these vehicles can do! If you have any questions about how to operate your Keyless Enter and Go Passive Entry system, as well as your Uconnect or Media Center radio, or have suggestions on other topics we should cover, send me an email at

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2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

July 5, 2011 3:13 PM- Ashley Fournier- Do you own or would love to own an SRT vehicle? Do you have the need for speed? Are you looking for a day of thrilling, heart-pounding, racing adventure? Then the SRT Track Experience is for you!

When you purchase an SRT vehicle, included in the price is the opportunity to join the SRT Track Experience crew and other SRT enthusiasts at a race track for the ride of your life. The SRT Track Experience includes instruction with professionals from the Richard Petty Driving Experience for each of the four modules. The instructors help ensure fun and top-level instruction while keeping a safe and structured setting.

SRT Track Experience

SRT Track Experience

The four modules included in the day are:

1.) Autocross- a race against the clock to drive the car through the laid out course without knocking over any cones, which would result in a 2 second time penalty.

2.) Head to Head Challenge- This time, you’re racing against a partner instead of the clock…talk about intense competition!

3.) Driving Dynamics- a chance to follow an instructor, making a few laps, and test your driving skills

4.) Performance Drive- hands down, the most thrilling of the four modules, a fast-paced, up the ante ride around the track where you can push the speed limits and really see what a SRT vehicle is capable of.

SRT Track Experience

SRT Track Experience

The good news is, you don’t have to purchase an SRT vehicle to participate in the program. If you’re just looking for a day of fun and a good adrenaline rush, you can still participate in the program by signing up here online! You’re welcome to register guests as well who just want to come along to watch the action and don’t necessarily want to get behind the wheel!

Check out the full schedule of the SRT Track Experience’s upcoming stops to find a location near you!

Look for a video highlighting the SRT Track Experience that just concluded at Michigan International Speedway in the coming weeks!

Images: Both taken at the SRT Track Experience at Michigan International Speedway, June 2011

As always, click any of the images in the post to see more photos of Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Vehicles. Thanks again for checking out Chrysler Catchall!

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