The New 68RFE Six-Speed Automatic

The New 68RFE Six-Speed Automatic – Just remember power and torque is nothing if your transmission is not up to the task of delivering it to the wheels. With the new 68RFE six-speed automatic it’s a perfect match of brawn and efficiency!

Having a pickup that leads the way in both torque and horsepower means exactly nothing if you don’t have a durable drivetrain to back it up. That’s why for 2012, our 68RFE® powered Ram 2500 Heavy Duty will be available with a new six-speed heavy -duty automatic transmission. Known as the 66RFE, it will boast beefier planetary gears as well as shafts and a torque converter more than capable of handling the power that the HEMI® brings to the table.

2012 Ram Power Wagon Laramie

2012 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Laramie

Other design improvements include a much steeper first gear ratio (3.23) for better off the line pulling as well as a wider spread of overall gear ratios that utilize the engine’s power more efficiently – and helping improve fuel economy. Since many Ram owners tow/haul heavy loads, our engineers also paid special attention to the oil pump capacity by increasing the sump size and adding a unique dual filtration system. Therefore, the 66RFE can virtually handle any extreme condition you throw at it without slipping a gear.

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